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Durham Central PROBUS Club Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 17, 2021


PROBUS is a local, national and international association of retired people who come together in non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit, autonomous clubs that provide regular opportunities for members to meet others in similar circumstances with similar levels of interest, to make new friends and to maintain / expand their own interests.

The Durham Central PROBUS Club (hereafter known as the “Club”) is a certified affiliate of PROBUS Canada and PROBUS International. Our club is one of several PROBUS organizations in the Durham Region and our members reside throughout the region.

The Club takes our members’ privacy seriously:

  • Privacy reminders of respecting and protecting other members’ information are posted throughout the website.
  • Should the Club Executive Committee become aware of a data breach, the Club will communicate the breach to our membership as quickly as possible.
  • Should the instigator of the breach be one of our members, the Club Executive Committee has the right to immediately terminate that person’s membership. 

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Purpose of Collecting Member Data

Durham Central PROBUS will be requesting and collecting members’ personal data to:

  • communicate to our members about Club business and information associated with club events and interest groups;
  • register members for events or interest groups;
  • provide members with the ability to communicate, interact and socialize with other members who may share the same profession/vocation or similar interests.

How Member Data Will be Collected

Durham Central PROBUS has purchased the services of Personify Wild Apricot and their website toolset to better manage our membership, special interest groups and our social events calendar. Personify Wild Apricot provides our website administrators (selected Executive Committee members of the Club) with the tools to host and build a dynamic website solely for the use for Club members. In addition, Personify Wild Apricot will house our membership, interest group and event information.

Online payment processing for membership renewals or event attendance is made available through the Personify Wild Apricot website using an accredited payment processor Affinity Credited Services. Provisions to pay by cheque will also be available.   

Collection and Use of Personal Information

From our members we will request the following information:

Member Information

Mandatory or Optional


First or Preferred Name


Last Name


Spouse First or Preferred Name


Only gathered if a spouse/partner is a Durham Central member

Spouse Last Name


Only gathered if a spouse/partner is a Durham Central member

Street Address


Information can be suppressed

Unit Number


Information can be suppressed if provided



Information can be suppressed



Information can be suppressed

Postal Code


Information can be suppressed

Email Address


Information can be suppressed

Primary Phone Number


Information can be suppressed

Secondary Phone Number


Information can be suppressed if provided





The Club’s member information will be managed and provided to others as follows:

    • General information about our club events and interest groups will be available to the general public to encourage new members.
    • All member personal information will be suppressed from the public unless the Club’s Executive Committee requests and is provided with express written authorization from the member to publicize it.
    • The Club will not sell or provide member personal data to third parties without the written consent of the member, except as noted in this document.  

Members’ Privacy Awareness and Adherence

The Club’s members must be aware of and adhere to the following:

    • Members of the Club must NOT access the Members Contact Information on the Club’s website for the purpose of providing another member’s name or contact information to a third party.
    • A member can suppress their address, phone number and/or email from other members by:
      • modifying their privacy settings in their website profile, or
      • submitting a request to the Club’s administrators.
    • Should the email address be suppressed, the email address will continue to be used
      • as the member’s Login ID, and
      • for selected club membership notifications (e.g., membership renewal notices).
    • The Club website administrators will not provide a member’s suppressed contact information to other members. Suppressed contact information can only be obtained from the member.
    • Many photographs of Club events are captured by the attendees and then posted on our website.
    • If you do not want your picture posted on the website, then you have the right to request the photographer not to take or post your photo.
    • If your photo is posted on the Durham Central PROBUS website and you wish for it to be removed, please use the Contact Us feature on the website to request that your photo be removed.  

Consent for Guests at Events

Guests physically attending our club meetings or events must consent to provide the minimal contact information necessary to meet administrative and insurance requirements. The information will not be retained by the Club after completion of the event and all associated administrative tasks.

Membership Not Renewed or Withdrawn

Should a member fail to renew their membership on or before the renewal due date, the member will be moved to a lapsed status. Their member access will continue for a 60-day grace period to allow for late renewal. During this grace period the lapsed member is expected to abide by all of the Club’s privacy rules. After the 60th day all access to the Club’s member website will be revoked and the member’s information will be retained for the length of time needed for administrative clean-up.

If an existing member requests to withdraw their membership from the Club for any reason, the member’s access to the Club’s member website will be suspended immediately and the member’s information will only be retained for the length of time needed for administrative clean-up.

New or Pending Applicants

New applicants and pending applicants residing on a waitlist will not be provided access to the Club’s member website and members’ information until payment is received and their membership is approved by the Club’s Executive Committee. Current members are not allowed to provide other members’ information to unapproved or pending applicants.

Third-Parties Applications

Events may require our members to be pre-registered with the event host and the event may reasonably require member contact information (e.g., for insurance purposes). Our event sign-up process will disclose this need in advance.

Except in the case of the Club’s Executive Committee, member information will not be provided to PROBUS Canada for member registration. See PROBUS Canada Privacy Policy (Privacy Statement (probus.org))

Member information will be housed by Personify Wild Apricot. See the Personify Wild Apricot Privacy Policy (Wild Apricot Privacy Policy)

Member-provided personal and financial information necessary for credit card processing by Affinity may be retained by Club only until transaction processing is complete. Upon completion of the financial transaction, the Club will delete the member’s financial information. See Affinity Privacy Policy (Terms of Service–Clients - Affinity Credit Solutions)

Contact Us

Please contact the Club’s Executive Committee at the email address listed below if you have any questions, concerns or clarifications about this Privacy Policy.

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